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Construction industry

KUTRIAir / Liquid admixture that draws air into fresh concrete and distributes it evenly in the form of micro pores

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Description and scope

KUTRIAir causes air to be drawn in when mixing fresh concrete in the mixer. In the hardened concrete, the micro-pores of the entrained air are evenly distributed (spacing factor).

KUTRIAir ensures the formation of stable air pores of a certain size. Evenly distributed micro-pores of air in concrete or mortar break the capillary and thus reduce water permeability and water absorption. The concrete and mortar thus prepared show resistance to freezing and thawing cycles as well as to the action of aggressive agents.

KUTRIAir also has a plasticizing effect, as it reduces the surface tension of water and thus improves the wettability of cement and aggregates. This property makes it possible to reduce water during the preparation of concrete, thus neutralizing the drop in strength created by drawing air into the concrete.

KUTRIAir is used in the production of concrete resistant to freezing cycles (roads, airstrips), concrete for hydraulic structures (dams, dykes, pools, canals), concrete resistant to aggressive agents (food industry, chemical industry, etc.)
Mixing time and temperature concrete affects the amount of entrained air.
Longer mixing time and higher temperatures cause higher air content.
The dosage of KUTRIAir should be determined experimentally at the construction site for the required amount of entrained air.


KUTRIAir is dosed in concrete 0.1 – 0.5% by weight of binder.

KUTRIAir is added to the concrete preparation water or directly to the concrete mixer after water is added.


KUTRIAir should be combined with a superplasticizer KUTRICrete to avoid loss in concrete strength which requires a very high content of entrained air.
Both additives are dosed just before the end of mixing.

Packing and storage

KUTRIAir comes in 50 kg cans, 200 kg barrels and 1000 kg IBC containers.

KUTRIAir is stable for 12 months in tightly sealed packaging.