KUTRIFast W2000

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KUTRIFast W2000 / Hardening accelerating admixtue

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Description and scope

KUTRIFast W2000 is a liquid additive to concrete that enables concreting of concrete, especially in winter conditions, in order to achieve accelerated hardening and faster compressive strength of concrete.

It is used in combination with superplasticizers to further reduce the required amount of water.

Appearance Brown liquid
Density (20 °C), kg/m3 1300-1340
pH value 7,0 ±1,0
Chlorides ≤0,10 %

KUTRIFast W2000 lowers the freezing point of water and thus prevents freezing of the water used to prepare the concrete at negative outdoor temperatures.
When the temperature reaches positive values (above + 5 °C), the hydration of the cement resumes, and also setting and herdening of the concrete.

Action of the KUTRIFast W2000 prevents the destruction of the concrete structure at negative temperatures during the period until the strength reaches a critical value.

KUTRIFast W2000 has a plasticizing effect because it lowers the surface tension of water and provides better wetting of cement and aggregates.
This enables the reduction of water in the concrete mass (by about 2% with dosage 0,6%), which is another factor that reduces the risk of freezing water in the concrete.


KUTRIFast W2000 is dosed 0,5 – 1,5%, by weight of cement, depending on the air temperature, the amount of cement and the weight of concrete.

KUTRIFast W2000 is added to the concrete preparation water or directly into the concrete mixer.


KUTRIFast W2000 is chloride free and can be used for all types of concrete structures and
does not promote corrosion effects on steel embedded in concrete.

KUTRIFast W2000 is used for concreting to an air temperature of  °C, taking into account:

  • use cement with higher hydration heat and lower standard consistency
  • do not use an engine that is frozen or mixed with snow
  • use KUTRIFast W2000 plasticizing effect and prepare the concrete with reduced water content
  • protect concrete from the direct effects of frost and wind according to EN 13670

Mixing with other additives

KUTRIFast W2000 can be combined with the KUTRICrete superplasticizer to prepare liquid, pumped concrete, or to take advantage of other properties of the superplasticizer.
Combination with additives that slow down the speed of setting and hardening of concrete should be avoided like KUTRITard.

Packing and storage

KUTRIFast W2000 is durable for one year in tightly sealed packaging.

KUTRIFast W2000 is delivered in 50 kg cans, 250 kg barrels and 1300 kg IBC containers.