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KUTRICrete SP102W / High range water reducer / superplasticizer

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Description and scope

KUTRICrete SP102W is latest generation of superplasticizer based on PCE polymers. Specially designed molecular structure of this product based on many years of experience and latest research results to a wide range of applications in modern concrete production.
Properties of this product are specially adapted to use in manufacture of transport concrete with capability to maintain consistency for a long period. Application of this superplasticizer allow high water reduction and accelerate hydratation of cement.
Due to the rapid adhesion of superplasticizer molecules to the cement particles , combined with an efficient dispersion, increased size of cement grains are exposed to reaction with water. As a result of this effect it is possible to achieve earlier development of the heat of hydratation, and thus increased early strength.
KUTRICrete SP102W is suitable for the production of rheoplastic transport concrete with liquid consistency, without occurrence of segregation and with low water/cement factor, with long workability and machinability and with rapid development of initial and final strength.
KUTRICrete SP102W can be used in combination with other chemical and mineral admixtures to achieve specific properties according to the project requirements. Particularly good results shown in combination with fly ash. To combine with other chemical and mineral admixtures, please consult our Technical Department.
Application of additives KUTRICrete SP102W is recommended for ambient temperature above 5°C.


Under normal conditions, the recommended dosages are 0,2 – 1,0 kg per 100 kg of binder.
In special cases can be recommended and other amounts in accordance with specific conditions on site. In those cases please consult our Technical Department.


KUTRICrete SP102W is liquid additives to be added to concrete during the mixing process. Best results are obtained when the additive is added after all other components are already in the mixer and after the addition of at least 70% of the total amount of water. The amount of water needed in the mixture is adjusted to the desired consistency or workability.

Packing and storage

KUTRICrete SP102W can be purchased in cans of 50 kg, 200 kg barrels, IBC containers of 1100 kg or in larger quantities to order.

KUTRICrete SP102W must be stored in a space where the temperature is not lower than 5 °C. In the case of frozen products, increase product temperature at 30 ° C and stir again.