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Construction industry

KUTRIAir PA701 / additive with specific composition that can meet different demands for concrete in civil engineering

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Description and scope

KUTRIAir PA701 is a concrete additive that acts as a plasticizer which allows better utilization of the effectiveness of the used cement. It reduces the need for water and provides better workability of concrete.

KUTRIAir PA701 allows retraction of micro pores and ensures even distribution of pores in the concrete matrix, which contributes to a better resistance of concrete on cycles of freezing and thawing, and resistance to de-icing salts.

KUTRIAir PA701 contains a retarding component which provides extended workability time of concrete and makes it suitable for production of ready mix concrete.


In normal conditions dosage is 0,5-1,3 kg per 100 kg of binder. Recommended dosage is 1,0 kg per 100 kg of binder or 1,0% per binder.
In special cases it can be recommended different dosage in accordance with the specific conditions on site. In such case please consult our technical department.


KUTRIAir PA701 is a liquid admixture and need to be added to the concrete during the mixing process. Best results are obtained when the additive is added after all the other components already in the mixer and after the addition of at least 70% of total water. The amount of water in the mixture is adjusted to desired consistency or workability. Given the different needs for recessed air dosing is optimized according to a higher or lower amount of needed air content.

KUTRIAir PA701 must be used at temperatures above + 5 °C and if it has been stored at low temperatures should be kept 24 h in a heated area before use and thoroughly homogenized.

KUTRIAir PA701 can also be used with other KUTRICrete products with prior consultation with our technical department.

Packing and storage

KUTRIAir PA701 is available in 50 kg can, 200 kg barrel, 1000 kg IBC or in bulk.

KUTRIAir PA701 must be stored in a room where the temperature is not lower than 5 °C. In case of freezing products it is necessary to increase the product temperature to 30 °C and stir
again. The shelf life of the product is at least 2 years in original packing.